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100 Pushups a Day for 100 Days

On October 23, 2016 extreme athlete and American Ninja competitor Bob Choat challenged me to the Push up Challenge to support our troops who are not getting the care they need upon returning from war. The plan is to do 22 pushups a day for 22 consecutive days and report it online, much like the “ice bucket challenge.”
I accepted his challenge but changed the terms. I told Bob I would do all 22×22=484 pushups but not just 22 at a time. The first day I did 84 in sets of smaller numbers. On day 2 I did 50, 30 & 20 for a total of 100. Then I did 40, 30 & 30 the next day, etc. It was hard for me to do more than 30 at a time and in the past I’d have found even 22 to be daunting, but I stayed the course and formed a new daily habit of doing at least 100 pushups before the day is through. Some days I take hours between sets in order to reach 100 and other days I can grind them out in just a few minutes. But now on this 98th day of the process I can proudly announce that I haven’t missed a single day! (Update: May 18, 2917 still going strong. 100+ every day, able to do 70 non-stop now.)
For true athletes this is no big deal but for me it really matters. I had been exercising 3 days a week via my mountain hiking and trail running but that was about it. By adding the pushups as a Daily discipline I’ve become significantly more fit. That’s my story, so what about you? Could you do ten pushups a day for the next ten days? Even if you had to do them just two or three at a time with a long rest between surely you could get ten done by midnight. Don’t you think?
So how about it? You in? I challenge you to do a minimal number of some exercise: crunches, knee bends, leg lifts, push ups, pull ups, or whatever for ten consecutive days, no skipping a day, even if you don’t feel good. At the end of the ten days you can make a new decision to either stop and celebrate or up the ante and go for more. You will be doing “something” for the next ten days anyway. How about making exercise a part of your plan?
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Jim Cathcart