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17 Biblical Principles of Success

Phil R. Taylor has just released 51 interviews with successful people from all walks of life. This collection of audio interviews centers around the 17 Biblical Principles of Success. As the Bible says, “…have Life and have it more Abundantly.” John 10:10. This is not a church program in the usual sense, it is regular folks talking in normal language, not King James thee’s and thou’s.

Listen to one minute of my recording here: The 17 Biblical Principles of Success audio album and workbook produced by Phil R. Taylor includes 51 interviews with successful people who explain in “non-churchy” terms how they have applied these techniques to create an abundant and satisfying life. I had the honor of doing the interview on Gratitude, with Dr. Terry Paulson and Kate Larsen. You can buy the entire set of 17 CDs or just the one topic that you want. Here’s my link if you want to explore it. Listen to 1 minute of it for free here. 

These contributors are business leaders, authors, survivors, athletes, veterans, champions, heroes, and in every case, successes. There are 17 interviews each with 3 contributors being interviewed simultaneously by Phil Taylor. The stories, personal life examples and inspiring words in this program will truly impact you. It’s almost impossible for it not to reach you because these are real people sharing real true-life stories. The design of this program is for it to be listened to and then discussed.

Think of how powerful the discussions would be if you had a group of people all listening to the recordings on their own and then coming together with you to talk about: Wisdom, Gratitude, Service, Courage, etc.

You can access the sampler with 51 short clips and listen for free here: Sampler of the 17 Biblical Principles of Success.

There is no need to sit and listen to this with a notepad, though that would be valuable. You can just let the recordings play as you relax and let the ideas flow over you. The ideas you need at this time will stick with you and each time you listen you’ll get a new idea that passed through you on previous listenings. Just let this play while you do something else and see what I mean.

To order these programs you can use this link or simply go to the Store here in Cathcart.com/shop. Or drop me an email at info@cathcart.com. Think of who you’d like to explore this album with, then get an album or two so you can explore them together. One week have everyone listen to the first audios, then discuss them. Next move on to the 2nd principle, etc. and discuss each as a separate topic. This could easily become a major life’s turning point for all of you.

May God bless you. In the Spirit of Growth, Jim Cathcart

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Jim Cathcart