by Motivation Expert, Jim Cathcart

Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas I was automatically a fan of Glen Campbell’s. His “Goodtime Hour” was the hottest show on television and had more viewers every week than American Idol gets for their season finale. (Stop and read that again.) Now that is popularity!

Yesterday I was performing a music set on stage at the Thousand Oaks Arts Festival and after my performance I visited the art booths. Happily I found that the wonderful actress Jane Seymour had a booth with her art on display. I had met her before and really like her art so I stopped in to say hello.

She greeted me with that amazing smile and asked me if I had met Glen Campbell! What? My musical hero, THAT Glen Campbell?!!! Really? Here? Now?

I turned and shook his hand while trying to look a bit less star-struck. We talked about Arkansas and I thanked him for his musical contributions and example. Then Jane Seymour took our photo. (Stop again to let this one sink in.) Yes, I said Jane Seymour took my photo with my music hero Glen Campbell. OMG, can life get any better than this? Thank you Lord.

Then it did get better. As folks were taking photos with Glen I handed him my guitar to pose with. To my delight he started playing it. He was playing the Bob Dylan tune “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright” and I began to sing it. He then joined me in harmony. Gasp! I was singing a duet with the man who influenced me most musically, my fellow Razorback, Glen. Whew, it still takes my breath away now a day later.

My gratitude goes out to Glen, and to Jane Seymour for her gracious generosity, and to Francine Sprigel of Thousand Oaks who invited me to perform at the Arts Festival. What a great day. Thank you for letting me share this experience with you.

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I met my musical hero yesterday, Glen Campbell.

Glenn Campbell at the Thousand Oaks Arts Festival 9-23-2012
Glen Campbell playing “Don’t Think Twice” on Jim Cathcart’s Gibson Hummingbird Guitar


Jim Cathcart with Jane Seymour at her art booth

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