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Coauthor a best seller with me: Difference Makers book


Do you have a best seller in you?

Both of the books above have become international best sellers and are still selling well today.

Chances are good that you have a book in you too but writing an entire book is a huge task. Targeting it to achieve Best Seller Status is yet another huge challenge. I’ve met the folks who know the formula and the process; Celebrity Branding Agency. They’ve done this repeatedly with my friends Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins and others. Now they are doing it with me and you can join me.

Here’s a link to our recent call where Nick Nanton & I explain the entire process.

The book is called “Difference Makers” and it’s a coauthored book about the people, ideas and lifechanging moments that have made a difference in your life or the lives of others. You can contribute a chapter or have our team interview you and create a chapter based on your own experiences and insights. Once it’s published in 2018 you will not only have a best selling book (guaranteed to hit at least one of Amazon’s best seller lists) but you’ll also have a tool to open doors, establish credibility, and share with clients, prospects, family and friends. This book, not unlike other anthologies like “Chicken Soup for the Soul®”, will contain inspiring true stories that will help others to make a difference and to learn from those who already have.

The public relations, press releases, editing, listing with Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. are all done for you as part of the process. You can order as many books as you want at the authors’ discount and you’ll receive 25 copies of the book upon release. I’d be thrilled to have you join me in this venture. Check it out at the links here and if you’re interested hit the “Apply Now” button to begin the process. Here again is the link to our call explaining everything.

I’ve delivered over 3,100 paid speeches over my 41 years as a full-time speaker. Many of those would never have been booked if I had not authored a top selling book. Today I have 18 published books in languages all over the world and I’ve been inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame and Professional Speaker Hall of Fame. Being a published author was essential to much of my achievement. And it can help you too.

Check it out today, see if this is the right opportunity for you and if you are right for this book.

There’s no obligation until you decide to commit to this path and even then this will cost less than simply hiring a PR agency for a few months would cost. Invest in yourself and permanently become a best selling author along with me.



As one of the authors participating in this project, you will be co-authoring a book that we GUARANTEE will become a Best-Seller on the Amazon.com Best-Seller charts, but you’ll also receive:

  • A private author consultation with one of our Business Agents® wherein our team will help you solidify your topic, come up with a title, and teach you how to quickly and easily write a great chapter.
  •  We will write and syndicate a nationwide press release announcing your selection to write a chapter in the forthcoming book. This press release will be search engine optimized to not only come up when people search for you online, but also to drive traffic to your website.
  •  The book will be listed on Amazon.com, BN.com (Barnes and Noble) as well as many other online booksellers.
  •  The book will be distributed by Ingram Books (the industry’s largest book distributor), which will make it available to Bookstores nationwide.
  •  25 Copies of the Book that includes your Chapter (If you are interested in purchasing more books, please let us know and we’ll get you a quote).
  •  A copy of the ebook to use however you like. You may sell it or give it away.
  •  The GUARANTEE that we will hit at least 1 Best-Seller’s list on Amazon.com or BN.com, forever giving you the title of Best-Selling Author®.
  •  We will write and syndicate a press release for you when the book hits the best-seller list, creating even more visibility for you and your business.
  •  Induction into The National Academy of Best Selling Authors®.


A ticket to the 2018 ThoughtLeader® Summit where you will be awarded your commemorative Quilly® Award! ($3,000 Value) 

  •  A ticket to attend the ThoughtLeader® Summit at the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA.
  •  Accept your Best-Sellers’ Quilly® Award for your accomplishment as a Best-Selling Author®.
  •  Receive photos and an HD video interview of You on the Red Carpet Accepting Your Best-Sellers’ Quilly® Award.
  •  And MUCH MORE!
All of the above is yours for a one time fee of $7,000 (compare that to the cost of doing a book on your own, often $20,000 or more). This can also be paid monthly for $697 or in 3 payments of $2,500. The book will be published and the celebration in Hollywood will occur even before you’ve made all the payments, if you choose the monthly plan. This book and the video/photos of you receiving the award will be a great tool for promoting yourself in whatever ways you choose.

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