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The Award-Winning Sales IQ Plus evaluates 32 vital skill areas for sales success

Sales IQ Plus assessment


Answer 8 groups of 4 simple multiple choice questions and learn exactly where to focus your energy for vast sales improvements.

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Answer 48 multiple choice questions on key sales situations and learn exactly where to focus your energy for vast sales improvements. Receive a 30 page report with:

  • Your personal ranking in the 32 skill segments of professional selling
  • Specific recommendations for increasing your sales success
  • Explanations of each answer you gave and the best choice
  • 16 linked video lessons built into your report for free
  • The complete eBook of Relationship Selling, the eight competencies of top sales producers

Learn to improve your sales by focusing with surgical precision on just the few areas that will make the biggest difference in your sales results. Authored by 3 of the world’s leading sales experts and tested worldwide. This instrument is based in the practical challenges of everyday selling and filled with real world examples of situations that you and I encounter all of the time.


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