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Uplifting interview on Absolute Advantage podcast

Kelly Hatfield interviewed Jim Cathcart recently and this energetic and happy dialogue is linked here for your enjoyment. If you need a boost of optimism today or some life strategies that you can use right now, then this interview is for you. Listen now: http://absoluteadvantagepodcast.com/jim-cathcart/

Absolute Advantage Podcast

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jim’s entrepreneurial background and connection to President Clinton
  • How to become an expert at anything
  • How Jim got to know and work with Earl Nightingale and ended up being the only speaker other than Jim’s wife at his memorial service
  • Jim’s TEDx Talk “How to Believe in Yourself” and his book “The Acorn Principle”
  • Traditional selling vs. relationship selling
  • What separates top producers from everyone else
  • What Jim learned from interviewing over 100 self-made millionaires
  • Jim’s commitment to fitness that changed his life
  • “The Self Motivation Handbook”: Jim’s newest book

Ways to contact Jim:

Kelly Hatfield
Host of The Absolute Advantage Podcast

Office: (425) 374-0182
Mobile: (425) 238-6478

To reach Jim Cathcart for scheduling a presentation or interview call 805-777-3477 or email us at info@cathcart.com.

Jim Cathcart