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Public Speaking – What to do When You’re The Speaker – prepublication offer

Would you like to increase your team’s confidence and influence when delivering presentations?

Right now there is an opportunity for three organizations to get enormous value from me at well below usual price levels. I have written a new book titled “What to do When You’re The Speaker.” I am also in the process of creating a whole new video series of short lessons on presenting. I’d like to have three client organizations to be the first to acquire these assets and experience this training. 

For group presentations, speeches, committee reports, or any form of public speaking I can help. As one of the world’s leading sales trainers and authors I have helped thousands to be more confident and persuasive. As a Hall of Fame Professional Speaker I’ve dealt with every imaginable speaking challenge and can guide you through them as well.

What I’m seeking is three beta-partner organizations for my next book and video series. Do you want to be a more confident and influential speaker? The book “Public Speaking: What to do When You’re The Speaker” will be published later this year. If your organization could benefit from making more of your people more persuasive presenters then let’s talk. I’m seeking 3 organizations to train who will also be the first to receive a copy of this book for all of their people.

I will do live training with your key people either on site or via interactive webinar and then you will be my beta-partners for not only the new book but also the video series that I’m now filming in China. Earlier this month in ShangHai I recorded the first 15 lessons of what will be 50 short video lessons for speakers and presenters. This is aimed at anyone who has to sell an idea to a group of people: managers, sales people, trainers, HR directors, coaches, politicians, civic leaders, company owners, or people who hold meetings and need to capture and hold an audience’s attention.
Give me a call or drop me a note if you want to be one of the three beta-partners to improve the presentations that you and your people are making. 

To get you started right away I will also send you the Confident Communication: Public Speaking and Leading Meetings CD/DVD series and a copy of my popular ebook “Sales Presentations.”

Reach out to me today if you’re one of the three who are ready to improve right now. 805-777-3477, jim@cathcart.com.

Jim Cathcart