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Leadership Skills

Keynote Speech Video DVD: All Leadership Begins With Self Leadership

All Leadership Begins With Self Leadership DVD $95.00  We have a limited supply of these excellent DVDs
and if you’d like one you may have it for $50US while supplies last. Order soon, thanks. 
Watch Jim Cathcart in action and motivate your group with one of the best presentations on Leadership.
Get the Inspiration and Motivation with all the impact of a Live Performance! For individual motivation or to use in a training program. This Digital Video Disk contains the same features you now find on commercial movie DVDs; the ability to navigate one idea at a time or show the full presentation, extra features such as 8 fascinating articles on leadership and much more. This is Jim Cathcart at his best! In front of 1,500 business leaders at their international conference. Laugh and Listen and Learn! Here are some of the salient points Jim Cathcart presented:
  • Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility.
  • Sometimes one idea can transform your life.
  • Think in terms of the person or company you can be, not merely the one you are today.
  • If the world is changing more than you are, you will soon be obsolete.
  • Never stop re-learning because everything is changing.
  • Leadership skills and interpersonal skills do not become obsolete.
  • The human factor trumps technology as the most valuable aspect of business.
  • When power shifts from institutions to individuals, self-leadership is vital.
  • Self-leadership is: the ability to get yourself to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not, and still do it well.
  • If people don’t know what is possible, they will tend to ask for too little.
  • Aim high because the future you see defines the person you will be.
  • Build your professional and personal reputations long before you need them.


Jim Cathcart