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A full month of training for just $99. Learn Relationship Selling™ at your own pace, on your own time. The Cathcart eLearning Academy contains 12 TV shows, 8 ebooks and the Sales IQ Plus Assessment plus other resources for you. All available at just $99 a month. Click here to explore this site and enroll. Mentored.com

Relationship Selling: The Eight Competencies of Top Sales Producers™

Newly written for the 21st Century! Key ideas, checklists, and tactics for the salesperson who has very little time for reading. 130 quick and powerful sales skills.This book gets right to the point with powerful ideas on target marketing, prospecting, identifying needs and wants, confirming sales, assuring satisfaction, sales planning and time control. A perfect multipurpose sales guide. This book is the newly written sequel to the top-seller that has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Finnish. (Spanish version available as an e-book only. See listing below. Call us to order it 805-777-3477.)

The Relationship Selling E-Mail Course

The Relationship Selling E-Mail Course 52 Issues $52.00 (Group Rates Available) Relationship Selling E-mail Course
Includes the complete e-book edition of Relationship Selling, the full hardcover contents but in digital form for your convenience. This Relationship Selling E-Mail Course, based on the principles found in Jim Cathcart’s trend-setting book The Eight Competencies of Relationship Selling, is a bite-sized sales training system delivered in 52 easy-to-use weekly emails.
This is the perfect follow-up for audiences who have heard Jim Cathcart’s speeches.

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12 CDs, 9 ebooks, Online Sales IQ Plus Assessment and 52 weekly email lessons for a full-immersion learning experience! Take the Assessment, read your personalized report, review the books, listen to the audios and learn from the weekly email lessons as you GROW MORE SALES starting now!  Send us an email with your preferred email address and mailing address so that we can send you both the physical products and the digital ones. Send to: info@cathcart.com or call us at 805-777-3477. This is the complete series that complements the Relationship Selling book. Recorded by Jim Cathcart personally for selling in this new era. Also useful as a lending library for up to 12 people at once. Separate products listed below:
This is the perfect complement to Jim’s live programs or online lessons from TSTN.com. 150 Instant Sales Briefings on Audio CD; 12 CDs filled with short, powerful sales ideas from Jim Cathcart. Play these one at a time to start your day or open your meeting, or listen to the entire CD as you drive to your next sales call (or load them into your iPod.) Either way you will bring the best ideas to the front of your mind right where they need to be to generate another sale today!

ASSESS YOUR OWN SALES READINESS: Sales IQ Self-Assessment The Sales IQ Plus online assessment 

Answer 8 groups of 4 simple multiple choice questions and learn exactly where to focus your energy for vast sales improvements. For $99.95 you’ll receive five unique benefits when you take this assessment.
Your Personal Report with all 32 ratings
The eGraph of your ratings in the Eight Competencies
Observer Assessments from an unlimited number of others
A full year of sales briefings via the Relationship Selling Email Course, 52 weekly sales lessons
The Complete e-Book of Relationship Selling, the eight competencies of top sales producers.
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How To Grow A Sales Culture: Relationship Selling in a New Era – DVD video

(Bonus discount $65 OFF!) Was $95, now just $29.95! Very limited inventory!  DVD of Jim Cathcart delivering a standing-ovation keynote speech plus 19 of his audio commentaries. This product contains a full length live motivational speech before 3,000 business owners at the famous MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Filled with inspiring ideas, specific sales strategies, motivational stories and lots of humor. Perfect for perking up a sales meeting or inspiring the troops for new sales efforts. Get the Relationship Selling DVD (above) for FREE! Order the Relationship Selling iPhone App for just $7.99 for each of your sales team members, if you buy 12 or more Apps then we will send you the DVD for free (just pay shipping) to use as a training film for your whole team!

Relationship Selling Audio CD – 19 commentaries + entire e-Book

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This single CD contains 19 audio commentaries on Relationship Selling by Jim Cathcart PLUS the entire e-book edition of The Eight Competencies of Relationship Selling. The complete book with all the illustrations and special features is ready for access through your own computer. You can either listen to the recordings in your car’s CD player or access the book through your laptop.

EIGHT specifically targeted e-books – one each to teach the specific skills of every Sales Competency: Get all 8 ebooks for just $39.95!

Introduction to Relationship Selling e-Book

To introduce you to the value in this series we have priced the first book at only $2.95. Buy it today https://revizzit.com/product/1978.
Read this opening of Introduction to Relationship Selling… The year was 1969, the place was Little Rock, Arkansas. I was a 22-year old salesman still wet behind the ears with no prior experience or training. It was the end of the month and our motorcycle dealership could earn a special bonus award if we would just sell a few more bikes before the end of the business day. An acquaintance of mine who wanted to get back into motorcycling came in after work and test rode one of our best models. It was a Suzuki T120 dual-purpose bike, one good for off road as well as street riding. We had a special reduced price on that model that was only in effect until the end of that day. He was in a position to buy it and the product suited his needs. I was the salesman, but I wasn’t selling. In fact, I was pushing! Without knowing any other way, I pressured and cajoled the prospect until he finally left in frustration.Upon reflection I realize that my selling style was not only too pushy, but it also made me appear too desperate to make the sale. What I saw as a “sense of urgency” was seen by the prospective buyer as a desperate attempt to get the sale now. But, the real problem was not my pushiness; my pushiness was a symptom of the underlying problem: my mindset. I was focused on selling the motorcycle, not on helping the customer decide to buy. (Get the entire ebook now.)

Sales Readiness e-Book

Sales Readiness: How Preparation Leads to Opportunity… A rowing team works as one seamless unit, yet is made up of unique individuals. In order for it to be successful, this team must have the complete commitment of each of its members. They must immerse themselves in the activity of rowing and release their individual interests and concerns so that the group can work as one.The same is true for sales competence. Many different skills are required in order to excel in sales. One must be able to manage oneself, target the right prospective customers, marshal the resources that will help make the sale, communicate clearly and convincingly, connect with all types of people, and much more. But in order for a salesperson to sustain a successful sales career, all these skills must work in concert. It is not enough to merely be strong in a few areas.

Finding the Buyers e-Book

Here is the start of Finding the Buyers… There is an old saying that you can’t sell refrigerators to Eskimos. The reasoning behind this motto is that many Eskimos, at least those who live in Alaska, reside in such a cold environment that they don’t need refrigeration. After all, if your home is an igloo made of ice, what good is refrigeration?But I maintain that you CAN sell refrigerators to people who live in the ice and snow. Just not for the same reason that the rest of the world would buy them. What people in California need is a machine that will produce the cold for them. What residents of the Arctic need is a machine that will protect their food and maintain an even temperature. Cold they have; it is control that they need.

Connecting With Your Customer

Here is the start of Connecting With Your Customer… In 1994, I had the opportunity to visit the White House with a small group of professional speakers. At the end of the tour, our group came to the foyer and while we were standing there my wife Paula said, “Oh my gosh, here he comes.”We looked across the room and sure enough, there came the President of the United States. At that time it was Bill Clinton. He walked over and spent about ten minutes with our group, one-on-one, chatting with each of us. Someone in the group mentioned that we were professional speakers and commented that President Clinton, too, was in many ways a professional speaker. At that time Mr. Clinton looked directly at me and he said, “Half of my job is keeping people in the right frame of mind.”

Sales Psychology e-Book

Here is the start of Sales Psychology… There is an old saying that “knowledge is power.” But while a little knowledge may go a long way, this motto is no longer completely accurate when it comes to the world of Relationship Selling™. In the 21st Century world of sales, it is all about trust. Trust is power. Being able to trust a person or company to do what they say they will do is pure gold in today’s marketplace. When was the last time you wasted a big portion of your day just trying to get people to do what they said they would do and do it well?In any situation where two equally qualified options exist, the person or product that is most trusted will always win. When two people attempt to win an account, the one who appears to be most trustworthy will have the edge.

Sales Presentations e-Book

The way you present your ideas will determine whether trust increases and sales follow. Learn how to be confident, persuasive and believable every time you present your ideas to others. Whether presenting to one person, a couple or a board of directors, this book will walk you through the vital elements that keep you in control.

Getting The Sale e-Book

 e-Book $5.95   It really matters HOW you ask for the order. When you approach “confirming” the sale in the right way, then people want to do business with you. When you don’t the trust erodes and business is lost. Learn how to sell in such a way that people are eager to say “Yes” to you. “Closing” sales is not about overpowering people, it is simply about helping them reach the conclusion that now is the time to buy from you. Take the pressure out of your selling and get more sales today.

Customer Loyalty e-Book

Jim’s newest e-book in this series is on how to grow profits through customer loyalty. Stories, images, detailed strategies and steps. 8th in the Relationship Selling Series. Includes the vital strategy of “Up-Serving” and the classic story of The Grandma Factor for lifetime loyalty. Jim’s perspective is that Customer Loyalty should be given instead of sought after. When we give loyalty our customers are more likely to want to stay connected with us. Surprize your customers with innovative extras that cost you nothing but increase the value to them.

Relationship Selling en Espanol e-Book

Las OchoRS Espanol cover Competencias para la Venta por Amistad


 Spanish e-Book $9.95

This is the entire 240 page Relationship Selling book with all the same   features and content as the English version except that is completely translated into Spanish. A perfect immediate resource for you since the Spanish edition is not currently available in print. Pardon our English description here, Yo No Hablo Espanol. But our translator does!