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Self Improvement Skills

The Acorn Principle™ Book

To live the life of your dreams you do not need to be somebody else. You do not need to be smarter than you are or have a different personality. All you need to do to achieve your greatest goals is use what you’ve got exceptionally well.If you sincerely want something, the potential to bring it into reality already exists within you and in those with whom you can connect. The more you explore your nature, your relationships and the patterns in your life the more you will be able to readily tap that potential.A more fulfilling and impactful life is possible for you without changing who you are. The mighty oak sleeps within you . . . right now.”The Acorn Principle guides us on a fascinating journey within! If we all mastered the techniques described within this book to more fully and completely know ourselves, and we adopted the empowering and life-enhancing skills Jim teaches, we could live our lives with more purpose and direction, and with an enormous amount of joy and freedom!”
Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, and Author of Live Your Dreams and It’s Not Over Till You Win
“Jim Cathcart is one of the brightest, dearest and most comprehensive speakers I know. In this powerful book he will help you discover and express your true self, accelerate your success and improve your quality of life.”
Jack Canfield Co-author New York Times Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul

The Acorn Principle™ (Audio CDs)

An integrated system for lifelong growth and learning on four audio CDs. 12 messages that will permanently expand the way you think about yourself and others.The messages on these audio recordings are filled with profound information on: Finding your natural intelligence, Understanding your natural values, Sustaining your optimum velocity, Managing your personality patterns, Identifying and clarifying your sense of purpose, Attaining mastery in all that you pursue, Passing these gifts along to others, Achieving alignment in relationships and lifestyle, Learning to live fully in all that you do.

The Acorn Principle e-Book edition

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The Acorn Principle Book

This is the same content as the hardcover book but in convenient digital form for reading through your laptop, pda, iPhone or TV. This was the #2 national bestselling e-book in the year 2000, second only to Stephen King’s “Riding the Bullet” and ahead of Robert Ludlum and 1,998 other authors.

Jim Cathcart