Confident Communication Training: Public Speaking & Leading Meetings

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Confident Communication:

The Cathcart Method for Public Speaking and Leading Meetings

by Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

A full training course with Fifty Three insider briefings on
How to Speak like a Pro on video DVD,
plus How To Lead Meetings in 8 audio lessons on CD.

From one of the world’s most award-winning professional speakers. A full year of Jim Cathcart’s best advice on how to speak in public. These are 53 personal video briefings on every facet of how to be successful when speaking to groups. One briefing a week to keep you at the top of your game. Learn what professional speakers do to grab and hold an audience. Learn to be as comfortable and confident in front of a group as you are offstage.


Take the fear and anxiety out of public speaking, learn to own the platform.
Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is truly one of the world’s most successful professional speakers: TEDx top 1% over 1.5 million views, Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame 2012, Golden Gavel Award winner, Cavett Award recipient, Speaker Hall of Fame member, Legends of Speaking honoree, past president of the National Speakers Association, Certified Speaking Professional, 29 year member of the prestigious Speakers Roundtable, cofounder of the Professional Speaking Institute, author of 19 books and veteran of over 3,100 professional speeches.

DVD Video disk One: 19 messages: Overall length 1 hour

DVD Video disk Two: 20 messages: Overall length 1 hour

DVD Video disk Three: 14 messages: Overall length 1 hour

Each video lesson is between 2 and 10 minutes long. Most are around 3 minutes.

And a very special extra Feature:

DVD Video disk Four is Jim Cathcart’s Golden Gavel Keynote: The full 39 minute motivational keynote before 1,500 leaders at the Toastmasters International Convention.

Total Video System Contents: 54 messages, 3 hours & 35 minutes

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Explore the Contents of the Video DVDs: 

How to be natural on stage (1-01)

How to Structure a Speech (1-05)

Onsite preparation tips (1-06)

What to do during your introduction (1-03)

The first thing to do in a speech (1-04)

How to connect with your audience (1-08)

How to end your speech (1-09)

When to end your speech (1-10)

How to dress for each speech (1-11)

How to recover from a bad introduction (1-12)

Meeting room disasters & strategies, 10:46 (3-51)

How to change their mindset from earlier events or speakers (1-14)

How to sell the audience on the value of the meeting (1-15)

Podium or none? (1-16)

Head tables are dead! (1-17)

Speaking in the round (1-18)

Coach your cameramen (2-34)

Befriending your translators (3-46)

Greeting different audiences (2-28)

Offer them value on your website (3-50)

Contents of Video DVDs continued-

Keynote vs. Seminar (3-40)

How long should a story be? (2-20)

Cards, notes, handouts or none? (1-19)

Know your opening and closing verbatim (1-02)

Using Props effectively (2-21)

How to speak “among” the audience (2-23)

Hit your marks (2-27)

When A/V stops working (2-38)

What to do when the front rows are empty (3-42)

Keeping your voice (2-29)

What to do when laryngitis attacks (2-37)

What to do within 10 minutes before you speak (2-30)

How do you get people back to their seats after a break? (3-45)

When others run overtime before you (2-24) “Bonus tip”

Remember when to smile (2-25)

Where to look during your speech (2-26)

How to manage your own first impression (1-13)

Be aware of your energy and pace (2-35)

Articulation matters (2-31)

Write your own introduction (2-22)

Coach your introducer (2-33)

Always get a copy of their program (2-39)

When does a speech begin? (1-07)

See the meeting room early (2-32)

Get to know your set-up crew (3-41)

Know your patterns; Problems that repeat (2-36)

Contents of Video DVDs continued-

Use technology for you & not against you (3-43)

Be a low maintenance speaker, know your place within the overall meeting (3-49)

Who should you take time to thank? (3-48)

What is scheduled for after your speech? (3-47)

How to become the characters in your story (3-44)

Getting started as a speaker (3-52)

How to get known in the speaking industry (3-53)

Contents of Video DVD Disk FOUR:

Jim’s Full 39 minute Keynote on “All Leadership Begins With Self-Leadership.”

PLUS an all-new Bonus Set of 8 Audio Lessons on CDs!!!

How To Lead Meetings

(so that others will want to attend them)

Here are the Audio CD titles: (remember that all the others are video DVDs)

1 & 2.Mastering the Six Vital Elements of Meetings (Parts 1 & 2)

3. Managing Group Dynamics

4. Conducting Planning Retreats & Keeping Them Under Control

5. Maximize Your Presentation’s Impact

6. Meetings Set-Up & Dealing With The Unexpected

7. Listening Strategically

8. Mastering One-on-One meetings

·How to use this learning system:

When these individual lessons are combined with the DVD of Jim Cathcart’s Golden Gavel Award presentation, as delivered to 1,500 Toastmasters, this becomes a comprehensive and yet personal training program for anyone who speaks in public.

See it done! See Jim in action, examine his masterful use of humor, watch him weave stories to drive home his points, learn how he connects with the audience, see how natural and relaxed he appears to be onstage. Notice how he makes eye contact with every person in the audience, look at how he compensates for the huge head table behind him, and see how he responds to the introducer and how he shows the importance of embracing his message. This powerful speech combines all of the elements covered in the Master Speaker course detailed above.

See it done, then study the video lessons to learn how and why it works, then see it done again. Next, apply this learning to your next speech.

Once you’ve seen this series you will never again be intimidated about speaking. Your thinking about your task as a speaker will shift permanently!

Here is how to use this course for training: 

Perfect for training groups of people as well as for individual learning.

Each video lesson is between 2 and 10 minutes long. Most are around 3 minutes.

Show one lesson, discuss the ideas, and apply them on your own. Then right away go and practice doing what Jim has suggested.

Combine several lessons into a full classroom course. Show the videos for a half hour and discuss them. Then practice the skills.

You can navigate these lessons as you see fit. Learn at your own pace and focus on the topics you need next. Review the lessons in whatever sequence suits your needs and goals. (This is not a linear training course. It is a modular system that allows you to go to the topic you are most interested in, when you want it.)

The price for the full training system with Four Video DVDs and Four Audio CDs is only $497.00 US. That is a full year of training sessions that you can use with individuals or groups indefinitely, for less than you’d spend to serve one person coffee each day. What is it worth to you to have better meetings and more influential presentations?  Order Now! Click here.

Special Bonus Offer: For every program that you purchase at the regular price Jim Cathcart will personally provide a half-hour telephone coaching session at no additional charge! This is Jim himself actually coaching you on the topic of your choice. The coaching sessions alone are often $600 or more. Now you get personal telephone coaching for free with each program you buy. Buy multiple programs for your company and combine the coaching sessions into longer times for indepth consulting advice.

Get the advice of one of the world’s top professional speakers and business advisors; Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE. Become the best speaker and meeting leader in your organization. Become a Pro!

PERSONAL COACHING: To have Jim become Your Personal Speech Coach, click here for details of his one-to-one coaching.

“GOING PRO”: For those who choose to pursue professional speaking and begin to speak for a fee, go to and review the entire knowledge base on video, audio and in print.

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Here is a sample video lesson from the course: