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When you are ready to “go professional” the rules and expectations change, and we can help with that. These legendary “super-mentors” will help you find your hidden profit opportunities, hidden income sources, underperforming revenue activities, and under-monetizing relationships that are
keeping you from Going Pro™.

Join us in Nashville, Tennessee
February 20 – 21 – 22 – 23, 2022

Is this your time?

Are you ready to make a major advancement?

There are key points in everyone’s life – a transition point with high implications down the road. Going Pro™ is designed for those times. Going Pro™ is an experience that we guide you through so that you get clearly focused on what matters most and develop highly workable strategies for advancing to the next level. Only a small percentage of people are truly eligible for the Going Pro™ EXPERIENCE. This includes primarily those who have decided to make their own decisions. Entrepreneurs, sales leaders, small business owners, pro athletes, entertainers, and executives who are at the top of their game and ready to go pro. 

If this sounds like you, the the Going Pro™ EXPERIENCE is for you!

Hi, I'm Connie Pheiff Founder of Talent Concierge®, I am excited to co-create the Going Pro™ EXPERIENCE 
with my friend Jim Cathcart, celebrated Hall of Fame Speaker and Founder of the Cathcart Institute™.

Going Pro™ is a focused experience where YOU Are the Focus, YOU are the Product, YOU are the Brand®. If you want to achieve higher success, then start with you!

With over 30 years’ experience combined, growing thousands of businesses, and producing billions of estimated profits around the world… 
after developing and creating different very extensive personalized programs with cutting-edge methodologies for multiplying profit & performance for others…

We are now concentrating our focus on working with individuals who are ready to go pro. Individuals who have the critical mass where our work with you 
will make a BIG profit difference... In what you’re doing WITHOUT making a difference in what you’re spending and at no risk.

Going Pro™ is more than a Passion. Going Pro™ is the execution of that passion and turning your 
Talent into an ongoing source of Revenue and Satisfaction for you. Add with more meaning to what you do.

Going Pro™ is not about music, it’s about your success as a subject matter expert. The music industry is an excellent metaphor for business success. There are rock stars, virtuosos, duets, bands, orchestras, and some who just play at home for amusement. Much like a career as a professional speaker, podcaster, influencer, and author. There is publishing, marketing, branding, performance, coaching, editing, producing, writing, creativity, and much more. What we learn from one field can apply to many others. 

Our Clients find they have more Confidence, Clarity, and Courage to do what it takes Going Pro™. 

And we can do that for you too…
(if you qualify)

There are 5 critical elements that will brand you as
the pro and generate millions of dollars of revenue.

True Professionals are:











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Mediocre results won’t count.

We have discovered it’s far easier, faster, safer, less costly, and far more results-certain to grow bottom
line profits than it is from the top. We will work as hard as you.
We have proof, beyond any doubt, to any hard-nosed entrepreneur, that our methodologies do work.
Or jump right in to receive immediate access to the Going Pro™ Inner Circle. In our world, no one is left behind.
Join us in Nashville, Tennessee
Sunday, February 20 – 21 – 22 – 23

Plus, we offer a full impact analysis of what specific level of untapped profit potential you are sitting on with your business – before you are invited to work with us.

The Going Pro™ EXPERIENCE will clarify your goals, gaps, and greatest opportunities. You will discover how top professionals have built empires of success by leveraging their talents and their messages.

Our proprietary methods produce quantum growth in an organization’s bottom line.

Doubling, even redoubling earnings performance is not uncommon over a two-to-five-year profit when collaborating with us.

Our new Going Pro™ EXPERIENCE is utterly ingenious. Our clients are experiencing breakthrough approaches, disruptor-like, and competitive advantages the likes they have never seen before.

We work with clients for a full year or just give you a six-month boost to the next level you need to be at with clear measurable results. Start now and join us inside the Going Pro™ EXPERIENCE.

What you will experience and learn.

You will walk away with tactics,
tools & skills:

You are the Brand® and we can prove it!

You will clarify your brand identity and learn how to communicate it to the world.

To learn more schedule a preliminary access call with us today. 

During your call, we will do a preliminary impact analysis so we can see what kind of a bottom line increase we might be able to make for you and validate your qualification to work with us. At the very least you will find our conversation stimulating, encouraging, and evocative (we hope).

Grow your value and grow your income. To achieve greater things, you must become a greater resource for others.

Serious inquiries only, please. We want to work with those who have already 
decided to succeed and are working out the details as to how. 

We intentionally limit the number or registrants inside the Going Pro™ EXPERIENCE 
to give our students the personalization they deserve during the program. 
Grab your seat now, before its too late and you will need to wait until the next opening.

Pros make decisions quick... so don't lag behind, schedule your impact analysis call TODAY!

If you are less than certain about Going Pro™. Please do not waste your time or ours by scheduling a call.

Let’s not overcomplicate this.

Going Pro™ is the first part of the equation. The other part is how you build your brand.
Here’s how we guarantee your success.


Plug into a community of like-minded experts to get your questions answered.


Your business is unique, and our tools can be tailored for you to achieve your success goals.


Your ultimate advantage. Without a Mastermind you’re polishing a Ferrari with no gas in the tank.

You will be saying things like this.

I will never be able to thank Jim and Connie enough for the life-changing experience and personal transformation! I’m indebted to both in ways words cannot convey. Anyone looking for clarity, or incredible upward expansion in their business, needs to talk with these pros immediately. It is well worth your time.
Picture of Bryan Orton

Bryan Orton

Performance Coach

You won’t find a more authentic, genuine, and true disciple of leadership than Jim Cathcart! And not only does he live it, but he also expresses it through the spoken word with an art like none other! He’s a mentor and someone that will inspire your attendees to look at themselves in the mirror and be better influencers, leaders, and contributors themselves!
Picture of Chad Hymas

Chad Hymas


Working with Connie is a dream. I was able to produce more working with Connie in six months than I could ever imagine.
Picture of Kathlyn Heim

Kathlyn Heim

R.N., B.S., Educator &
Transformation Speaker

Jim is one of the most successful professional speakers in the world and he lives what he teaches. His life is a reflection of his message.
Picture of Pamela Stambaugh

Pamela Stambaugh


Connie is an amazing mentor that truly brings out the very best in yourself, which ultimately benefits others! If you’re at a turning point in your career and need a high-performance mentor in your corner, you want to be working with Connie, she will be your most trusted advisor.
Picture of William Vincent

William Vincent

PhD, Performance Speaker
Personal Development Coach

Jim Cathcart is the kind of speaker that most great speakers aspire to one-day become. His command of the stage and ability to draw in an audience is nothing short of amazing.
Picture of Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard


I was connected to Connie at the perfect time. I was lacking a business mentor with a proven track record who could help me go pro. Life is a series of mentors, and Connie Pheiff is absolutely the best.
Picture of Daryl Woodhouse

Daryl Woodhouse

aka Smarter Work Pro™
CEO, Entrepreneur
Executive Performance Coach

Jim is an icon in the speaking and training business. He has helped thousands become happier and more successful with his ideas…whether through one-on-one coaching, consulting, training, or speaking. Jim knows how to help your team become stronger and to make a difference.
Picture of Jim Pancero

Jim Pancero

Sales & Marketing Business Consultant

Connie Pheiff is a force of nature…inspiring and teaching us with examples of how to exceed the expectation we have for ourselves as leaders.
Picture of Glenn Miya, MD

Glenn Miya, MD

Pediatrics Physician
Kaiser Permanente

Schedule a impact analysis call today to learn more and explore the potential bottom-line impact you could make today joining the Going Pro™ Experience.

Join us in Nashville, Tennessee
February 20 – 21 – 22 – 23, 2022

Meet Your Mentors

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Former C-Suite executive turned business advisor and Founder & Board Chair of today’s leading talent management agency, Talent Concierge®; and host of the Connie Pheiff Show. For nearly two decades she has been a personal development mentor and high-performance coach working with lifestyle entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, award-winning podcast hosts, professional speaker’s entertainers, and thousands of clients from around the globe. Her techniques have proven to dramatically improve emotional engagement, confidence, career success, brand awareness, quality of life, relationships, work, and income. With her distinctive voice she is known by audiences everywhere. Wife and mompreneur, who never misses a day at the gym. 

Connect with Connie on your favorite social pages @conniepheiff


Jim Cathcart is the author of 22 books, has delivered more than 3,300 paid speeches, has over 2.5 million viewers of his TEDx video, and was inducted into the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame in London. Has won every speaking award available today. An Executive MBA Professor, he is also a guitarist and singer/songwriter who performs often in clubs, at conventions, and special events. A fitness enthusiast who has logged over 10,000 miles of running mountain trails after age 60, and a lifetime member of the American Motorcyclist Association. This guy has done it all! And he can show you how to do the same. 

Connect with Jim on your favorite social pages @jimcathcart

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We concentrate on working with business leaders [entrepreneurs] who understand the power of having a mentor, make their own decisions, and are open to receiving a higher level of awareness. They have enough resources, infrastructure, critical mass, and velocity going for them where we can help them make a big profit difference.

With a mentor like Connie or Jim, you will get there faster with superior clarity, courage, character, and newfound confidence. Imagine the bonus of reinventing your workstyle, income, health, and relationships. You just need consistent instruction and a caring and qualified guide and an inspiring community. That's what the Going Pro™ Experience delivers for you.

That's what the Going Pro™ Experience delivers for you.

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