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Why is it so important for audience members to get a book? Jim’s Gift to Your Bureau: A Sales Tool For Your Agents (to use re: any speakers): 10 Vital Concerns for Bureaus: (The 10 most common objections bureaus get about speakers and some intelligent answers for each.)

Complete Data Sheet for Jim Cathcart

  • Company and Administrative Information
  • Fees
  • Travel Policy
  • Audio Visual Needs
  • Policy on Video or Audio Taping
  • Product Sales Policy
  • Bureau Policy
  • Program Preparation
  • Jim Cathcart’s Professional Credentials
  • Jim Cathcart’s Professional Experience

Speech and Seminar Topics

  • Complete Descriptions of Content and Options
  • Program Lengths
  • Presentation Style

Frequently Asked Questions re: Jim’s Topics

Client Lists: Repeat & Multiple Clients

  • Industry-Specific Client Lists

    • Financial Services, Insurance & Banking
    • Healthcare & Medical
    • Technology & Information Services
    • Real Estate, Mortgage & Related
    • Hotel, Hospitality & Meetings Industry
    • Music & Entertainment Industry

Important Selling Points for Jim Cathcart

  • What are his qualifications?
  • Describe his speaking style.
  • Does he still speak on _____ ?
  • What’s he like to work with?
  • How does he tailor his talks?
  • What is his depth and breadth of experience?
  • Who has he worked for before?
  • What major clients and events has he spoken for?
  • Describe his international experience.
  • What are his published works?
  • Does he understand meeting planning?
  • Is his travel negotiable?
  • With 40+ years of experience is he out of date or cutting edge?

Sample Scheduling Contract

Sample Scheduling Letter