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Questions & Answers about Jim Cathcart’s Speech and Seminar Topics

Though Jim has only a few main program titles, he addresses many subjects with them

Does Jim speak on ________?

  • Taking Initiative amid Change & Challenge? Yes. In a time of market turbulence this is vital! Resistance to change comes from the ways in which you think. Jim offers new paradigms for thinking about Business, the Economy and Yourself which remove old fears and generate optimism. Leadership: Rethinking Ourselves For A New Era
  • Sales? Sales? Sales?? Wow! Of Course! Jim has written four major sales books and also a college textbook on sales. He has produced several videos and authored over 300 published articles on selling. As a former salesperson and sales manager he speaks with authority on his topic Relationship Selling: the eight competencies of top sales producers.
  • Service & Customer Loyalty? There is none better. Jim is known for his stories and techniques on how to get people to want to deliver great Service. He believes that UpServing is a vital business skill. As the author of Think Service & Profits will Follow, he researched service from the executive suite to the street. His “Grandma Factor” story is a service classic! The Grandma Factor: Lifetime Customer Loyalty.
  • Motivation? Definitely! Jim is “The Motivation Expert™” and is the 2016 author of The Self Motivation Handbook. Jim’s strength is understanding and teaching how to motivate and empower yourself & others to optimize your natural abilities. He began speaking on “Helping People Grow” in 1974 and has an immense repertoire on How to Get People to WANT to Do Their Best.
  • Presentation and Public Speaking Skills? Absolutely! As one of the most accomplished speakers in the world Jim Cathcart is an excellent choice for training others in how to speak powerfully.
  • Performance Quality? Yes. Jim focuses on the human factors in quality. He covers how to manage different people so that all of them not only know how-to but also actually want to do their best.
  • Diversity? Yes. But he speaks on internal diversity, recognizing the inner parts of one’s personality, i.e.: Vales, Intellect, Style and Velocity. This permits people to find areas they have in common in spite of their differences in culture, race, gender or age.
  • Teamwork? Yes. Jim focuses on finding and aligning with each person’s strengths. He can also create special group exercises which cause people to be less judgmental of each other and more cooperative.
  • Leadership? Yes. Jim’s area of greatest depth is teaching leadership and inspiring others to lead. His first job as a trainer was to teach and write manuals on leadership training. He has worked with volunteers and with paid personnel around the world. You’ll love what Jim does on this. His most popular speech topic is: Leadership- Rethinking ourselves for a new era.
  • Decision Making? That is what Jim’s weekend retreat, “The Art of Choosing Well” is all about. Jim also collaborated with Dr. Spencer Johnson when writing his book, Yes or No, The Guide to Better Decisions, which came out just before Who Moved My Cheese?
  • Peak Performance? (Increasing your Success Velocity™) Jim teaches that each of us has an “optimum velocity” at which we are at our best. He shows how to identify your natural strengths to hit your zone of peak performance.
  • Negotiating? Yes. Jim co-authored an audio album on this subject with Dr. James Hennig, and though it is not his main specialty, he can cover it well within his main presentation.
  • Stress Control? Yes, Jim wrote a book on the subject back in 1984. He knows the subject well but does not specialize in it. Consult with him personally on how he can work this into his other materials.
  • Creativity & Innovation? He once produced a video on this topic published by the University of Southern California, and can build it into any of his presentations.

For more details on how any subject fits into Jim’s work please contact Jim personally. He is happy to help and will tell you honestly if he is not the right speaker on that topic.

Descriptions of Jim Cathcart’s popular speech and seminar topics.

Jim Cathcart