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Intelligent Curiosity is finding existing opportunities within everyday situations. The more you Notice, the more you Know and the more Possibilities you see.

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Intelligent Curisoity workshop

Intelligent Curiosity - the Breakthrough Experience

With One phone call I can help you discover more. As your ongoing Mentor I can help you transform your world!

Jim Cathcart Mentored

Let Jim help you see what to wonder about and how to explore it.

You can do this! This online 12-week experience will help you discover breakthrough opportunities that don't require excess investment or skills you don't possess.

During the Intelligent Curiosity Experience, you will have access to multiple video briefings from Jim and live sessions with Jim Cathcart for high-frequency engagement.

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Increase your Velocity

Personal Velocity is the sum of your energy and drive. Learn to Optimize both naturally.

Become an eligible receiver

You typically only receive the Opportunities that the world deems you to be ready for. Learn how to strategically get ready for more.

Broaden your perspective

See the Opportunities that were previously in your Blind Spots. You could be sitting on the breakthrough you've been hoping for.

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Jim Cathcart's Inner Circle can apply to join in The Austin Parlour, an exclusive invitation-only mastermind group of top achievers.


If you're tired of just thinking about a breakthrough, NOW is your time to commit! Let's discover how much more successful you can be.

Apply The Knowledge

Get it done! This is not about just discussing or learning. This is for Doing! Take the first step today! Make the change to a higher level of living and being.

The Scientific Method

Intelligent Curiosity is about superimposing the scientific method on your day to day living. Stop guessing how to break through, use the resources that surround you to transcend your limitations. 

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