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SERVICE: UpServing: Lifetime Customer Loyalty

Service Seminars & Keynotes by Jim Cathcart

UpServing: Lifetime Customer Loyalty

“Customers experience the people, products and processes of dealing with you but what they remember most is how you made them feel.”

Jim Cathcart


  • To change the way people look at their customers, their business and what they are paid to do.
  • To get everyone to understand the importance of standards and systems in creating customer satisfaction.
  • To get them to recognize the profit potential and fun that exists in exceptional service.
  • To show how each point of contact contributes to the overall effect.

What Audiences Learn (topics available)

  • You must be loyal to your customers before you expect them to be loyal to you.
  • The difference between Touch Points & Trust Points.
  • Why some things must always be done right.
  • How to get people to WANT to provide great service.
  • UpServing vs. UpSelling.
  • The importance of knowing How what you do makes life better for the recipients.
  • The “Causal Chain” from Mindset to Actions to Habits to Reputation to Relationships to Opportunities & Outcomes.
  • The “Grandma Factor” of keeping customers.
  • The purpose of business: to make life better for people, profitably (so you can continue doing it.)
  • How to convert average customers into great ones. (Where the leverage points are.)
  • How to discover how your customers see your organization.
  • How to identify both internal and external customers.
  • How to bring life to your mission statement.
  • The difference between Cash Flow and Profit.
  • How to eliminate the “termites” of bad service.
  • How to treat different customers differently yet as they want to be treated.
  • The difference between Service thinking and Operations thinking.

Time Frames

  • Speech: 45-60 minutes
  • Seminar: up to 2 hours
  • Workshop: 3 to 5 hours


For  Service Providers, Managers, Owners, Leaders & Sales Professionals

  • Making managers aware of how to get employees to want to deliver genuine, enthusiastic service consistently.
  • Reorienting employee thinking toward ongoing relationships with clients both internally and externally.
  • Educating your leaders on how to manage and structure the organization for quality service at all levels.

Presentation Style

Fun stories and profound lessons. Computer graphics and true business stories are mixed with lots of audience interaction and humor. The amount of group involvement increases with longer programs. In some programs Jim uses recorded clips, video segments and music for special effects.

Alternate Titles

  • Relationships are Assets
  • Customer Oriented Service
  • UpServing: The fast road to profits
  • Getting and Keeping Customers
  • Winning With People®
  • Keeping Good Customers (The “Grandma Factor”)
  • Becoming the Provider of Choice

Supplementary Materials Available

Jim Cathcart