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LEADERSHIP: Hope & Change Re-visited

Leadership Training

Re-Thinking Your Strategies for a Challenging Era

People need hope and all of us will have to deal with change. But this is more than a slogan, it is a set of skills and attitudes that must be consciously developed and sustained.

“With only one hour a day in study you can become a national expert in five years or less.”
– Earl Nightingale


  • To give people the confidence to press forward despite uncertainty or challenges
  • To show people how to take the lead and keep it.
  • To empower them to Lead Themselves and to Help Others Grow.

What Audiences Learn (topics available)

  • How to leverage your connections into Assets
  • How to Rethink your business, your customers & yourself.
  • The critical variables: What you know & what you contribute.
  • The Mastery Grid: Purpose & Contribution=Fulfillment
  • How to be a Thought Leader in your field.
  • Rethinking the purpose of business (To make life better for people).
  • Rethinking the purpose of sales (To build a profitable clientele).
  • Rethinking the purpose of management (To help people grow).
  • Rethinking the purpose of great service (To increase the satisfaction).
  • How the way you think about work shows up in your output.
  • Lead with your Heart, but Guide with your Head.
  • Know the Motives behind the Motivation.
  • The importance of keeping people in the right frame of mind.
  • How your Nature and your Nurture (experiences) determine your potential.
  • Achieving Ph Balance: Profits High, and People Happy.

Time Frames

  • Speech: 45-60 minutes
  • Seminar: up to 2 hours
  • Workshop: up to 5 hours


For Managers, Owners, Leaders & Sales Professionals

  • Coping with Change & Challenge
  • Self-Leadership
  • New Strategies for a New Economy

Presentation Style

Jim Cathcart is an engaging and interactive speaker who uses current information, some PowerPoint graphics, research results and entertaining stories mixed with lots of audience involvement and humor. The amount of group involvement increases with longer programs. In some programs Jim uses recorded clips, video segments and music for special effects.

Alternate Titles

  • Rethinking Your Future and Yourself
  • Take The Lead…And Keep It!
  • Rethinking Yourself, Your Business and Your Opportunities

Supplementary Materials Available

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