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SALES: Relationship Selling™ — Keynote, Seminar, Workshop

Relationship Selling™ — Keynote, Seminar, Workshop

(by the Original Author of Relationship Selling – Jim Cathcart!)

“Wouldn’t you rather get ALL the business instead of just one transaction? Relationships must be treated as Assets! A relationship without a sale is merely a social connection. A sale without a relationship is what one gets from a vending machine. Our clients deserve to have us as their partner in problem solving.” —Jim Cathcart


To change the way people think about selling and teach them specific techniques in order to generate more sales with less resistance. To build their confidence and give them a clear direction for action.

What Audiences Learn (topics available)

  • How to get all the business, not just one transaction.
  • The Eight Competencies Of Sales Readiness.
  • The subtle sales differences that produce major sales results.
  • See the ways people will teach you how to sell to them.
  • How to sell to buyers as they like to be sold to.
  • The true difference between cash flow and profit.
  • Rethinking the purpose of sales (To build profitable business friendships).
  • How to gain the edge over competition.
  • How to sell naturally, without pressure.
  • Studying needs and wants rather than just pitching product benefits.
  • How to keep the sales pipeline full.
  • Selling the idea not just the product.
  • Targeted Curiosity: Learning what to wonder about.
  • Advanced listening and questioning techniques.
  • How to be a Partner, not a Persuader.

Time Frames

  • Speech: 45-60 minutes
  • Seminar: up to 2 hours
  • Workshop: 3 to 5 hours


For Salespeople, Managers, Owners & Sales Professionals

  • Getting everyone to see their own role in growing sales.
  • Advancing the skills of already-successful top performers.
  • Knowing how to reach and sustain the top 1% of sales leadership.
  • Generating new enthusiasm for the science of selling and marketing.
  • Teaching non-sales professionals how to generate new business.

Presentation Style

Jim uses a combination of specific actionable ideas, stories, PowerPoint graphics, audience interaction, humor and how-to examples. The mix depends upon your goals for the program. Longer programs use more audience involvement and specific exercises to drive home the learning.

Alternate Titles

  • Behavioral Economics: the dollar value of attitudes and habits
  • How to Get and Keep Customers
  • Relationship Selling – Sales Readiness Strategies
  • Keeping Good Customers despite competitive options
  • Becoming the Provider of Choice
  • Relationship Intelligence®

Supplementary Materials Available

Key Ideas contained in the Relationship Selling message and systems: 
  • A Relationship is a direct connection between people in which value is exchanged. 
  • Relationship Selling (RS) is a Learnable skill. 
  • Relationships are either Assets or Liabilities. 
  • Relationship Selling is a business strategy and operating philosophy as well as a skill set. 
  • Focus always on delivering value. 
  • Value is only determined by the recipient, not the provider. 
  • Identify your high-value connections and protect and enhance them. 
  • Determine what others value. 
  • Serve, Sell, and UpServe©. 
  • Without a sale the Relationship is a social one. 
  • Profit is honorable, and proper. 
  • There is an Art to confirming sales and it can be learned. 
  • Become a Partner in Problem-Solving© 
  • Your mindset shows up in ALL your interactions. 
  • You can learn to manage your mindset. 
  • You cannot fake it. Others always notice. 
  • Trust is at the core of Profitability. 
Jim Cathcart