Take Jim's courses online

Take Jim’s courses online

Cathcart Institute moves its HQ to Texas! June 2020, Jim Cathcart moved to Austin, Texas. This exciting business community allows us to expand our operations in many ways, especially through our virtual platforms.

After 37 years in California we have changed our business model from platform speaking to direct mentoring of high achievers. Though Jim Cathcart will always be available for keynotes and on site training, we have found that most of our clients want Jim’s direct personal advice and counsel. With the Covid19 shutdown Jim focused on Start Up (Again) Strategies for professionals. This is primarily done in small groups of fully committed achievers: people who have decided to succeed even if it’s harder than expected. With Zoom video coaching sessions and individual meetings we are able to accelerate the achievements of those who are truly committed to win.

Sales IQ mentor program with Relationship Intelligence® Advanced Certification. For high potential sales people Jim has created the perfect fast track to more sales. Using a combination of live Zoom calls and the amazing Mentored.com online course Jim offers direct personal sales counsel to top level and aspiring sales leaders. This highly affordable course includes Zoom calls every few weeks and daily or weekly lessons and resources in the Certification course. For your high potential producers this is the ideal way to guide them at their own pace. Email us for details: info@cathcart.com.

Cathcart Institute has launched the Cathcart eLearning Suite an online academy with Jim Cathcart’s courses available to you 24/7. The first course in this suite is Relationship Selling™: 12 TV shows, 8 ebooks plus the Sales IQ Plus Assessment.  Click here to explore the site and Enroll: https://cathcart.mentored.com

Jim Cathcart has been appointed Entrepreneur in Residence and Adjunct Faculty in the School of Management at California Lutheran University. He was also appointed Artist in Residence by High Point University in North Carolina.

He was hired by The Mulia Resort & Villas in Bali, Indonesia to train their top executives. The Mulia was chosen by Conde Nast Traveler as the #1 Beach Resort in all of Asia for 2014.

Jim Cathcart has been inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in London, England. Dec. 17, 2012. Details here: https://cathcart.com/2012/12/sales-marketing-hall-of-fame-and-much-more/ 

By Jim Cathcart
A New logo for a New Era of Growth and A New Theme for a Challenging World. Our primary business is and always has been “Helping People Grow”. That was the slogan I adopted in 1976 when I founded the institute. The emphasis of our work is helping people to tap more of their potential and showing them their opportunities for growth. Our new theme/slogan is “Intelligent Motivation for a Challenging World.”
The new logo uses our Nature Green and Earth Brown colors along with our icon, The Acorn. And it incorporates a new element, a person. In a configuration that implies a C and an i, it shows a person emerging from the acorn, arms spread, head up and charging enthusiastically into the future. Since the Acorn is a universal symbol for Nature and Potential, this takes that image one step further and highlights the result of our work rather than just the focus of it. Our fields of work are still: Motivation; through speeches, seminars, books and recordings, plus Strategy; through consulting, coaching and collaboration, and Training; for sales, leadership, and communication. We welcome your comments and observations about the new logo and your inquiries as to how we might help you grow your company, your people or your own potential.
NEWS for 2014: Jim Cathcart was selected for the 5th year in a row as a Top 5 Sales & Service Speaker by an internet audience of tens of thousands of business leaders.
In an unprecedented move Jim accepted the role of Host/Editor of the Voices of Experience Audio Magazine for the National Speakers Association. This the first time in its 40 year history that a past president and top award winner has agreed to take on this huge task. Jim has interviewed (as of January 2014) over 100 self made millionaires for this monthly CD and Mobile App publication.
California Lutheran University continues to have Jim Cathcart serve on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the School of Management.
NEWS for 2012: We have found that Facebook is an even better news distribution medium for us. Check out the latest videos, news, articles and insights on Jim’s Facebook page> Jim Cathcart on Facebook.
NEWS in 2009-10-11:

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Here are some fun news items from 2008:

DATELINE December 30. 2008 Cathcart Institute just got official notification from the US Patent & Trademark Office that “Relationship Intelligence®” is now confirmed as our trademark for speeches and seminars. This confirmation coincides with the announcement of Jim Cathcart’s upcoming e-book “Who Is Glad To Know You?” (Using Relationship Intelligence® to turn your connections into Assets.)  For an advance copy of the ebook simply send an email to us at jim@cathcart.com. Free review copies for the Press and only $9.95 for individual purchases. Also in 2008: