Self-Awareness Month: September

Self-Awareness leads to Others-Awareness and then to the acceptance of and caring about others. How do you make the world a better place? Get to know yourself and make a better you.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: We encourage you to organize your own activities around this theme. Hold seminars, workshops, group discussions, book reader reviews, parlor discussions, etc. focused on helping people see and feel the importance of knowing themselves better. Publish a recommended reading list. Organize outings to bookstores or attend a seminar or lecture as a group and discuss the topics afterwards. Write congratulatory letters to those who seem to advance this cause. Start a journal with observations about yourself. Ask, “why is that so?” “How did I develop that quality?” “Is this part of my nature or something I’ve learned?” Celebrate self-awareness and please pass it on! In the Spirit of Growth, Jim Cathcart ]]>