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Should Happiness be your goal?

People claim to treasure happiness. They say it is the one thing they want most. If asked, “What do you want for your children?” They often reply, “I just want them to

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Mentor & Coaching by Jim Cathcart

Personal Coaching How much better could you be if you had a world-class success expert at your elbow? Put Jim Cathcart on your team. Make him your Strategic Advisor. Many executives and

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Consulting/Strategic Advisor

“Wow, say that again! We hadn’t even considered that angle before.” Clients have retained Jim as a professional confidant and advisor, a strategic collaborator, an on-site expert advisor, a board member, speech

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How to change the way you lead.

12 Ways to Make Meetings Great How to change the way you lead. The Role of a Leader is to become progressively unnecessary. Now just read that again. At first, everyone looks

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12 Ways to Make Meetings Great

12 Ways to Make Meetings Great “Is this seat taken?” As he sits down everyone in the room is watching him. No real reason, it’s just that he was moving. The meeting

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How to hold a planning session.

How to have a planning session. How To Assure That Your Planning Session Works. The subcategories that need to be addressed in this include: Determining When and Where to hold the meeting

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