New Year/New You – 6 Week Health Challenge

1-2-17-six-week-challenge Want to be thinner, more fit, more flexible, have greater strength, endurance, or just a greater sense of daily well-being? This is the place and now is the time for YOU! I’ve partnered with David Bush who specializes in the 6 Week Health Challenge system to bring you tips, inspirational messages, recipes, how-to’s, resources of all types, even personal coaching as needed. All of this is designed to help you get to the state that you want to achieve in the shortest practical time frame. Watch the video below to understand how it works, and sign up today! You can even sign up a bit past the start date and still gain full value from participation. You can even win money by achieving your goals! Registration link:   Here’s part of how it works: (the full description is in the video replay of our launch webinar.) Each participant simply pays the buy-in fee of $30 (plus a $4.99 service fee) to participate in Challenge for 6 weeks and to have fun getting healthier with other challengers. Participants win money back for achieving their weight goal (lose 6% or more of their starting weight or maintain their weight within +1%) AND for logging into our free app or website 5 min. a day to earn their minimum number of healthy habit points. Points are earned by reviewing healthy educational and motivational tips from Jim Cathcart, The Motivation Expert, and by participating in the challenge on a consistent basis. Even if you don’t want to lose weight you can still join and win the challenge by maintaining your weight and earning the minimum healthy habit points available! So please enroll today and join us starting January 2nd for a daily boost to your commitments to yourself. The slender, fit, attractive, happier you is waiting for you just six weeks away!]]>