The Power Minute: Your Self Motivation Handbook

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2 reviews for The Power Minute: Your Self Motivation Handbook

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    Naturally I’d give my own book five stars. Here’s why: this book is written as a practical guide to self motivation. It’s not about what motivation is or comparisons of theories. It is What To Do! Now! in order to get yourself going on the path to achieving what you want. Did you get that? What YOU want. 336 ways to motivate yourself regardless of the circumstances. Write in your book! Use it and it will reward you.

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    Self-motivation is fundamental to the way we work, the way we live and what we achieve in life. In sales, self-motivated professionals are more likely to embrace the skills they need to become a top achiever; they are more willing to adopt the processes, which gives them control and they are more eager to seek out the knowledge that is essential if they wish to differentiate themselves. This is yet another masterful piece of work from Jim Cathcart, which I recommend to anyone who is serious about becoming the best they can possibly be.
    Jonathan Farrington, CEO, Top Sales World

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