The Land of Opportunity! Radio Network

Coming in February:  Jim Cathcart and Coach Ron Tunick bring you The Land of Opportunity! each day on radio stations across the nation. Opportunities are all around you and even within you…let’s find them today! As Jim says, “Come with me and let’s discover how much more successful you can be!” This is a happy optimistic show that focuses on finding solutions and creating new payoffs in every area of life: Business, Health, Relationships, Fitness, Fun, Money, Bucket-List Experiences, and much more. Listen daily to meet some of the happiest and most successful people in the world, and see how you can do many of the things they have done.

Looking for Hope…Encouragement…Meaning…Fun…Exciting New Challenges? This is the place, now is the time and YOU are the one. Let’s meet on your radio dial each day for a fresh dose of energy and possibilities. Welcome to The Land of Opportunity!

Who is Jim Cathcart Inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame and the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame, a Top 1% TEDx speaker, The Motivation Expert, Jim Cathcart is a 40 year veteran professional speaker who has written 18 books (3 international best sellers!), delivered over 3,000 speeches all over the world and served as president of the National Speakers Association. Jim is also a life member of the American Motorcyclist Association, an avid Mountain Trail Runner, and a professional guitarist and singer. In 2016 Jim released his first music album “Fireside Songs”, 19 songs recorded in Taipei, Taiwan while Jim was there on a lecture tour of China and Taiwan. Who is “Coach” Ron Tunick Ron Tunick is the owner of numerous radio networks and businesses spanning a wide variety of disciplines and fields. He is a self described “good old boy” who “done good.” Coach Ron has been a sports coach in the past and is a business coach and investor today. The ultimate entrepreneur, Coach is always doing a new start-up, taking on a new protege’, and seeking to encourage others to succeed. Join us in The Land Of Opportunity! Tell us what you’d like from the show and if you want to be a part of it then show us how you’d like to sponsor or advertise on the show. Welcome to The Land of Opportunity! Wait till you see what you can still achieve while connecting with us. Contact Jim at or Coach at]]>