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Cathcart now has his own town!

By Jim Cathcart

OK, everyone who has their own city or town please raise their hand.
Yep, that would be me holding up my hand.
Awhile back I got a fun envelope in the mail. My colleague Neil Dempster, a speaker from
Scottsdale, Arizona sent photos from his recent trip to Canada. He had driven through the tiny town of Cathcart, Ontario on his way to a speaking engagement.
Being the generous guy that he is, he searched for a place in Cathcart to buy a disposable camera so he could send me a picture. (Didn’t have a cell phone camera at the time.) Seems they haven’t grown quite large enough yet to have a place where one could buy a camera, so Neil drove to the next town and returned to take the photos you see here.
So, the next time you are in Ontario, Canada please stop in and tell the fine folks in Cathcart that I said “Hello”. I plan to make a trek to Cathcart myself as soon as I can.
BTW, for those who are into genealogy and heraldry, Cathcart started as a place in Scotland. My recent FamilyDNA test showed me with 91% British Isles blood.
Cathcart was a castle (Cath) by the Cart River in Glasgow. We went there years ago and traced our family roots. The family’s motto is “I hope to Speed.”  Original translation means, “I expect to prosper.” (Me too. And I wish the same for you.)
Happy travels everyone, may you discover your own town soon.
Jim Cathcart
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Jim Cathcart