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Do you see the Sunrise or the Clouds?

The images here were taken by the members of my hiking group, The Heartbreak Hiking Fools. We are a group of trail runners and hikers who do early morning hikes three days a week in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles. I’ve hiked over 5,400 miles with them in the past 15 years. Yes, these are our own photos, taken around 7am throughout the year all within a 15 mile section of the mountains near Thousand Oaks, California.

It’s easy to find clouds in any of these photos but then you’d miss the beauty of the sunrise. The same can be said of sunsets. When looking at the life of a person, look at the entire view, not just their flaws. When looking at our country, look at its beauty, not just its flaws. PS: a cloud isn’t necessarily undesirable.

Optimists see the sunrise and the beginning of a new day. Pessimists dread the day (“Red sky at morning, sailor take warning!”) “Realists” see only the clouds. Today is the beginning of a new day. I can use it for good, therefore I will. #optimism #positivethinking #mindset #selfmotivation

Jim Cathcart