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On this page are a variety of Video Clips of Jim Cathcart on stage, in interviews, with small and very large groups and on Television. Scroll through to see what meets your needs best.

Selling Power Magazine featured an interview with Jim Cathcart done on the hiking trails and at the lakeside of Westlake Village, California. This 5 minute video is titled “Create the Energy to Sell More.”

This 2:01 minute video titled “Who is Jim?” was produced by to introduce Jim to people seeking continuing professional education credits through Jim’s virtual lessons. We think you’ll enjoy the mixture of messages and video clips. Enroll in Jim’s webinar and watch the video to get to know Jim.

World Masters Speakers Bureau in China produced this 3 min video (below) to promote Jim in their country. They positioned him as the #1 Speaker, a high compliment but Jim still has scores of excellent speakers to whom he looks for excellence. Still it gives you a sense of Jim on stage. Watch the ads for a few moments and then the New Successmart video of Jim will start. Enjoy the video:…

Jim Cathcart speaking and performing in Soon Jiang near ShangHai, China

Jim Cathcart speaking and performing in Song Jiang near ShangHai, China

Here’s a fun 3 minute Sketch Video that explains the concept and the book.

Keynote clip: 8 mins “Do One More Thing”

This excerpt from Jim’s keynote to John Deere corp in Houston shows how he opens a talk, connects with the audience, customizes his comments, shares powerful ideas, and tells stories.

8 1/2 min cliip of Jim Cathcart’s keynote to John Deere from Jim Cathcart on Vimeo.
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Jim Cathcart on
Jim Cathcart at Contagious Optimism Live! (15 mins, large audience)
“Teach Yourself To See Opportunities” (YouTube)

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Jim Cathcart interviewed on The Acorn Principle (4 1/2 mins.)

Jim on The Cathcart Institute

Jim discusses the history and purpose of The Cathcart Institute. (14 mins.)

Jim Cathcart keynoting the USA Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies 

This tailored production features the Special Athletes who make up this great event.

Jim on How to Tell Stories

Hall of Fame speaker and bestselling author Jim Cathcart addresses National Speakers Association on how to use life experiences as stories to teach the points in your message. (9 mins.)

Jim’s Personal Story “Changing Yourself”

Watch the amazing personal story of how Jim Cathcart left behind an unfulfilling job after hearing Earl Nightingale speak on the radio. (8 mins.)

Jim’s YouTube Channel

To see Jim Cathcart on YouTube simply go to

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