Overview of Cathcart.com

Sign up for the Free Acorn E-Letter Welcome to Cathcart.com! I’m Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, and I’d love to help your grow your success. To learn about or schedule me as a speaker simply go to “Hire Jim Cathcart As Your Speaker”. Now let’s talk about You. Two reasons you would want to explore this site are:

  1. You are interested in Improvement (either for yourself or others) or
  2. You are seeking Intelligent New Ways to get to where you want to go. In either case, I’m happy and eager to assist you.
This site is divided into sections that allow you to go directly where your interests are strongest. There are “buttons” on the right margin of this page for direct links to these resources. On the left of the page is the main element, my blog, the most current and topic specific resource: Jim’s Blog. Here I post articles, news, ideas and links that  you’ll find valuable. You can also easily find me on YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by simply entering the name: jimcathcart. For Motivation and Training you can explore: Articles, Speech Topics, or Books & Learning Resources. Be sure to look closely at The Acorn Principle (know yourself & develop your strengths). For Business Strategies & Skills, explore: Relationship Selling and Self Leadership. I have an entire audio album on How To Lead Meetings. If you are interested in presentation skills or growing your business as a speaker, then check out my resources on Communication. I can teach you to be a great meeting leader so that others will actually want to attend your meetings! I regularly coach executives on effective speaking and/or how to build & sustain a successful practice as a professional speaker. So if you have an important presentation coming up, give me a call first. 805-777-3477. To stay directly connected with me you may wish to sign up for my free Intelligent Motivation eLetter and sign up for the RSS feed for my recent blog posts. Let me know how I can become a valuable resource to you. Drop us a line and tell us of your specific areas of interest. In the Spirit of Growth, Jim Cathcart P.S.: If you’d like to consider me as a Video Spokesperson for your website, contact me for details. 805-777-3477 info@cathcart.com