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Presentation Skills Training or Speech Coaching

Imagine getting Tiger Woods to be your golf coach or the Superbowl Winning Quarterback to teach you football. Jim Cathcart is a Certified Speaking Professional, Speaker Hall of Fame inductee, Past President of the National Speakers Association, Winner of The Golden Gavel, The Cavett Award, The Legends of Speaking Award, The Lifetime Achievement Award and co-founder of The Professional Speaking Institute. He has delivered over 3,200 paid presentations around the world in every setting imaginable. Sometimes it is more valuable for Jim Cathcart to train your people to speak more effectively than it is for him to personally address your group. In these instances there are three approaches that seem to work very well.

For Organizations: Cathcart Institute is affiliated with the best presentation skills training companies in the world. Jim is close friends with their owners and founders. We can collaborate with you to design Enterprise Solutions to your communication skills needs in locations around the world. Give us a call to explore the possibilities. 805-777-3477 or email Jim Cathcart directly at jim@cathcart.com.

For Groups: Large or small groups can be trained directly by Jim Cathcart, one of the world’s most award-winning and successful Hall of Fame speakers, in workshops and seminars. The design of this training is determined by the size and needs of each group. Call to inquire about specifics. All training is highly interactive and involves the participants in giving actual presentations with direct personal feedback. Video is often included for specific coaching.

For Individuals: How would you like to know that your speaking coach was one of the top speakers in the world? Many executives and business leaders feel the need to be better communicators. To build their Confidence and Skill, Jim Cathcart provides private personal coaching. This is tailored exactly to the needs of each individual and can be a very powerful and transformative experience. On many occasions this can be scheduled in conjunction with a speaking engagement of Jim’s so that no extra travel is required. These services can be provided at your location or you are welcome to schedule a session at Jim’s home base in Thousand Oaks, California just north of Los Angeles. Talk directly with Jim about your needs and his availability. 805-777-3477 or jim@cathcart.com. Click here to see Jim Cathcart’s Master Course on Public Speaking (on DVDs) (A Sample video from this course is below). Topics Jim covers include:

  • Structuring your message
  • Managing the speaking environment
  • Telling Stories effectively
  • Using humor
  • Platform mastery and stage techniques
  • Strategies for each different type of presentation
  • Handling difficult audiences
  • Customizing your message to the audience
  • Speaking to: persuade, inform, motivate, educate, train, entertain, etc. and much more.
We’ve built this training around the appropriate mix of these areas of competence:
  • The Message
  • The Delivery
  • The Audience
  • The Setting
  • The Process
  • The Speaker
Each topic is explored in the mix and depth that is needed by your specific audience and goals. We do not deliver a highly structured program but rather we mix and match the topics to fit your individual situation.
Call us today to see how we can help you become a more confident and impactful presenter. 805-777-3477.
Here is a sample video from Jim’s Confident Communication course.

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