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Are you ready to make a Major Change in your Path?

Do you need to get Crystal Clear on where you ought to be exerting your energies now to achieve the life you want?

Is now the time for you to transform yourself and make a quantum leap? 

When you get really serious about succeeding in your chosen field let me help you discover just how much more successful you could be. 

Let’s refine your Value Message, Brand Identity, Optimum Buyers, and best Business Model. Put me on your team for the next 3 months.

I will personally guide you through the goals you have chosen to take you to the next levels of success. 

My “Going Pro® Experience” is a series of  Zoom meetings of up to 90 minutes each…plus some very powerful exercises that give you laser-clarity on what matters most to you and what to do with that knowledge.

It is the most powerful coaching you can receive through all of my resources. 

I conduct them on weekdays midday Central time. Currently on Thursdays at 2pm Central. (Groups can book other times)

There is also a separate 3.5 day Experts Summit  Mastermind experience live and in-person in Austin, Texas at the end of the series. You will spend 3.5 days in person with Jim and his inspiring colleagues in Austin focused on advancing your Professional Expert™ status. 

If you choose to extend your growth by enrolling in the Experts Academy ongoing  Mentorship then you may apply your Going Pro® enrollment toward the Academy fee and attend Jim’s 3.5 day Experts Academy Summit in a different exciting location as well.

(For a full description of The Experts Academy™ Mentorship program and the CPE™ designation, click here: The Experts Academy™ Mentorship .)

Click this link and let’s schedule a chat to see if this is right for you.

It is specifically for individuals and always only in small groups. It is personal coaching in a small group setting. The point of it all is to Focus on You.

We explore your goals, challenges, issues, decisions to make, and resources needed.

The most valuable effect is a profound shift that shows up in everything you do!

 (This program is also Stage One of the Cathcart Institute Experts Academy™ Mentorship in which you can be certified as a Certified Professional Expert, CPE™.)

This is not a class where you sit and watch me…

It is a direct personal dialogue extended over a long enough period to make a powerful difference in your life. 

I fully expect you to quickly generate much more than your enrollment fee even before it is completed.

Between sessions I am available for emails, texts, etc. for a quick answer to whatever comes up.

But the main experience is through the dialogue and the actions you take on assigned tasks.

These meetings will be held once per week.

There is also a weekend in-person event in Austin, Texas (where I live).
This is a Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon where we gather in a Mastermind forum and explore more aspects of Becoming A Professional Expert at the Top 1% of your field. I will bring in other experts and add some fun adventures too. It will feel like a celebration among winners. (Future programs will be listed here once scheduled)

The price…depends on whether you do this on your own, or with my help.  It could potentially cost you more to do it without my expert guidance. My mentorship costs less than hiring a temporary personal assistant and yet it is far more effective for you.

The enrollment for the next  Cohort is only $7,500 so you can launch  your 2024 with a boom! (Can be paid in 2 installments of $3,800. The price is for the entire experience which includes 1/2 price attendance at the Experts Mastermind.  

What this will mean to you…

It will change your life. Truly.

Let’s discover how much more successful you could become.

Let’s get to work on your top goals and get you on the fast track.

Schedule a Strategy call to isolate your desired outcomes and see if this is a fit  for you. 

To hire Jim and make him part of your Success Team send us a message: