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Welcome to Wisdom Parlor, the podcast where interesting people gather to discuss important ideas in an open and in-depth format. Hosted by Jim Cathcart, a renowned professional speaker and author with 25 published books, the show features guests from various fields who set the tone for the topic before engaging in an interactive discussion with the audience. 


In addition to the Wisdom Parlor, Jim also leads a year-long program called the Going Pro® Experts Academy, where he guides individuals towards becoming leading experts in their chosen niche through the acquisition of essential professional skills such as leadership, decision making, public speaking, leading meetings, human relations, communication, sales, and problem-solving. 


Tune in to Wisdom Parlor for a thought-provoking and insightful experience. 2pm Central US Time, 

every first Wednesday. “Wisdom Wednesday” each month. 

Listen to another thoughtful, insightful and fun conversation about the concept of rich and famous, which one should someone focus on? What’s it been like to become rich versus famous? If you had to choose, which would you rather be? The choice between being rich or famous depends on personal preferences, individual goals, and aspirations. […]
Discover the true potential of personal change and transformation in our fascinating conversation in this month’s Wisdom Parlor. We promise to challenge your beliefs on whether people can truly change and present you with inspiring examples and techniques to foster growth and evolution in your own life. Join us as we explore the power of […]
In this Wisdom Parlor episode, Jim and the Council explore whether success comes from within or from external efforts. They emphasize the importance of a balanced approach in various aspects of life for overall success, such as mental, physical, family, social, spiritual, career, financial, and emotional aspects. Learn about the power of adopting an abundance […]
Can professionalism be learned, measured and taught? In this Wisdom Parlour, the council dives deep into the concept of professionalism and its importance in various fields. Jim shares his journey of rising to the top 1% in both the Junior Chamber of Commerce (JC) and the National Speakers Association, demonstrating the power of dedication, continuous […]
Dive deep into the power of conversation and connection. Jim and the Parlor discuss the various levels of expertise one can aspire to and the importance of being valuable, intentional, disciplined, accountable, and honorable in achieving success. They also delve into the art of public speaking, mastering abundant living through the Experts Academy mentorship program, […]
Welcome to the Cathcart Institute Wisdom Parlor’s maiden voyage! In this epsiode, Jim and the Wisdom Parlor Council discuss the importance of engaging the audience, identifying target markets and effectively reaching out to perspective clients. They explore the benefits of mentorship and the role of a mentor in guiding and advising individuals to make better […]
Wisdom Parlor is not your ordinary podcast. To kick off this podcast Professional Speaker and Author, Jim Cathcart explains that Wisdom Parlor is not a lecture or interview series but instead a collaboration of Jim's colleagues, friends, and the public to join in-depth discussions about important ideas. it is an open discussion where everyone can participate. Jim believes that developing skills in human relations, communication, sales, leadership, management, and psychology is essential for professional expertise in any field. And that is the goal for Wisdom Parlor.