Consulting/Strategic Advisor

“Wow, say that again! We hadn’t even considered that angle before.” Clients have retained Jim as a professional confidant and advisor, a strategic collaborator, an on-site expert advisor, a board member, speech writer, sales strategist, and management advisor. Let Jim show you how you can become more successful.
Some of Jim Cathcart’s clients have gone from obscurity to National Prominence following this process. In fact more than one has evolved into a President’s Trophy winner, Industry Awards winner, and Thought Leader in their field. So put Jim Cathcart on your team; whether it is as your Confidant and Advisor, or for Leadership coaching, Sales training, Motivational consulting, or just to have his wisdom on tap in your leadership meetings. Bring Jim Cathcart into your world and discover how much more successful you can be! Email us today
Various Ways Jim Can Help
One of our clients has Jim on a contract that includes: a presentation at their national convention, coordination with their other speakers and trainers, training sessions for the national staff, an article each month for their industry magazine, and quarterly leadership meetings with their top leaders. He’s on-call for advice and he has become more knowledgeable about their industry each month. They say he gives them a 30,000 foot view on issues they deal with every day at the ground level. This keeps their mission clear, actions strategic and relationships solid.
Your Virtual VP onsite or on tap
Another recent client had Jim on retainer for 9 months for their sales team. Jim started by meeting with the owners of the firm to determine their current situation plus their goals and core values. Then they did an assessment of the needs of the company and each of its employees.
Each sales person took Jim’s online Sales IQ Plus assessment which evaluates where they are or need to be in 32 separate skill areas directly related to sales success. This only takes each person about 20 minutes online.
At the same time Jim provided each person with a copy of his Relationship Selling book in both print and ebook. They also bought a group subscription to the Relationship Selling Mobile App so that they’d have 150 brief sales lessons at their fingertips daily. All of them signed up for Jim’s weekly Relationship Selling Email Course, a short lesson delivered each week with the audio and text embedded. As each person got the weekly email lesson the company would meet and discuss that week’s lesson as it applied to their business.
Jim began a series of monthly sales meetings with the sales and customer relations teams, and included the service technicians in some of the meetings. These meetings followed the goals of the company with monthly reporting of results and focused on the sales skills that mattered the most in producing outcomes.
Individual Coaching
Some of the employees needed personal attention to work on key skills or issues and Jim was available to participate in those via Skype, Conference Call or in person.
As Jim held public training such as webinars or open meetings he would provide special access to the company so that they could participate if desired. Additionally Jim answered personal calls and emails related to the training he was providing.
This process completely reoriented the attitudes, mindset, skills focus and systems of the company to align with their desired outcomes. The team became more self-sufficient and had a greater sense of purpose in what they were doing. The company thrives. Jim’s goal is to become less necessary every day he’s involved with the group. The less they need him after the training the better he’s done his job. After all, this is about them, not Jim. Call us today! 1-805-777-3477

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