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Appearance and Scheduling Agreement

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Between: CATHCART INSTITUTE, LLC 11712 Red Oak Valley Lane, Austin, Texas 78732, USA Phone: 1-805-777-3477, email: and

CLIENT: Company: Address 1: Address 2: City: State: Zip

Contact (First and Last): Contact Title: Business Phone: Direct Cell Phone :


Event Date: Address: Time: Length: Audience Size: Audience Demographic: Location: Facility: Meeting Name:


MEETING OBJECTIVE AND TITLE: Meeting “Theme” or objective: Agreed-upon title or subject:

It is the intent of the speaker to tailor the message to your audience. It is therefore requested that client send copies of any brochures, reports, web links, etc. explaining types of products and services offered by client, as well as copies of the official program, promotion mailings, etc. pertinent to this engagement.

Please guarantee hotel reservations for: Hotel: Dates of Stay: It is requested that quality accommodations be made in Jim Cathcart’s name and that the hotel confirm reservations directly to Jim at the address shown above.

FINANCIAL SPECIFICS The agreed-upon honorarium of _____________(fee) will be plus business class expenses or a flat expense fee agreed upon in advance.

Confirmation deposit of _____________(amount) to hold date is due by __________________________(confirm_date).

Balance of Honorarium is due and payable on or before the day of the presentation. You will be billed for expenses unless prepaid.

Make checks payable to Cathcart Institute LLC.

Because this confirmation removes the speaker from the marketplace for the date(s) agreed upon, the following cancellation charges will apply: Notice of 91 days or more-no charge, 46 to 90 days notice-50% of agreed upon fee, 45 days or less notice-full fee due and payable by engagement date. If Speaker cancels or does not provide services, Speaker shall immediately refund to client the entire deposit.

AUDIO OR VIDEO RECORDING IS ENCOURAGED AND REQUIRES A SEPARATE AGREEMENT. Licensing Agreement and Fees available on request. ( ) Please send agreement.

ACCEPTED AND APPROVED – Must be executed and returned before date(s) are confirmed.

Cathcart Institute________________________________________ Date_____________________

Company Name:_________________________________________________________________ Contracting Officer for Client:_______________________________ Date____________________

Sign and return one copy to speaker – Retain copy for your files.


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