Fee Schedule

We want you to receive as much value as possible from Jim Cathcart without increasing the fee you pay. Call us @ 1-805-777-3477 to explore ways Jim can do more than just a speech while he’s there with your group. Here is a list of many ways Jim can be valuable for you.

Here is Jim’s Fee Schedule for North America: the Continental United States and Canada (Overseas International fees are in a separate box below).

(Valid through December 31, 2023)
 Domestic USA Fee Length of Presentation
Keynote or Seminar $18,000 1 presentation of up to 3 hours total
Non-Travel Keynote $12,000 home area: 1 presentation up to 60 mins.
Full Day: $25,000 1 or 2 Presentations up to 6 hours total

Certified Virtual Presenter: For live interactive video sessions, webinars or executive coaching, call for details. Webinar or Virtual Keynote fee is less than in-person fee and  varies depending on requirements.

(Jim Cathcart is a Certified Virtual Presenter.) 

Events covered by above fees:

Depending upon the amount of time Jim spends with you he can deliver one or a mix of the following services:

  • A Speech, Seminar, Workshop or Training session. Webinar, Podcast or Virtual Keynote.
  • A Leaders Forum; open discussion with the your executives or top performers.
  • Train-the-Trainer coaching by Jim for those who will follow through on this training.
  • An autograph session where Jim can answer participant’s questions as he personalizes their books or tapes.
  • One-on-One Coaching meetings between Jim and client personnel. Executive coaching and interactive video sessions are also available.
  • Special Appearances by Jim at your sponsored events.
  • Separate presentations to or meetings with your clients or sponsors.
  • You may wish to obtain autographed copies of Jim’s books or subscriptions to his hundreds of online videos for them as a special gift.
  • An autographed Guitar to present to your selected recipient: Occasionally when Jim performs a song during his presentation he will, at the end, call up a special member from the audience and give them the guitar, autographed! If you’d like to do this to honor someone special let us know. The fee for this guitar is usually  $500 depending on location.
  • Guitar Performances: (Added Value!) Jim Cathcart is an accomplished entertainer and has often added a musical performance to his speaking engagements. He can perform alone or with some of your own music-loving friends. If you’d like to have Jim do a Jam Session, Fireside Singalong, Featured Song, or even a “House Concert” then let us know. His low extra fee for these events reflects how much he enjoys doing them. You will too! 
  • * For Continental USA and Canada: Business-class travel and expenses are in addition to the fee and are prorated between engagements whenever possible. Participant handout materials if any are billed separately. Fees are stated in US Dollars which include any speakers bureau commission and are the net due after any local, state or foreign taxes. 

  • NOTE: For US engagements a flat travel fee can often be charged thereby eliminating extra record keeping, payment delays, and price variations. A typical travel fee is $2,400 (less for short distance trips) and covers everything but lodging. Call for details. 805-777-3477.

  • Below are the fees for offshore and international engagements. Please call for details.

NOTE: for international engagements, the exchange rate is in YOUR favor for now. You pay Jim in US dollars so now may be a time to save money by booking Jim. After the initial presentation in your country, multiple presentations on the same trip could result in lower fees for the second and subsequent presentations. The more dates you book the greater your savings can be.



Length of Presentation



1 Presentation up to 75 minutes total

Half Day:


1 Presentation up to 3 hours total

Full Day:


1 or 2 Presentations up to 6 hours total

Business Class Travel is in addition to the fee for international engagements. These fees are the net due to us after any international surcharges, special assessments or taxes imposed by foreign agencies.

Jim Cathcart is a veteran world traveler and is happy to accommodate your needs in whatever ways he can.

From 2010 to 2019 he traveled for speaking engagements to: China, Indonesia, Poland, France, Chile, Taiwan, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, England, Malaysia, Alaska and across the USA. Since 2020 his travel has been domestic USA mostly.