Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

To impact a lot of people at once schedule Jim’s keynotes and seminars. He can mold attitudes, plant new ideas, dispel misconceptions, and inspire people to new heights. Whether to thousands or dozens a keynote speech allows Jim to lead people through a thought process as he tells stories and shares ideas to excite their imagination and touch their hearts. Read More…

personal coaching


Sometimes Jim’s direct personal attention to your needs is the best way to truly find solutions. Let Jim give you the confidence and clarity to achieve a real breakthrough. Many of the world’s thought leaders and executives have engaged Jim Cathcart to refine their skills and target their messages. He’s coached billionaires, celebrities and regular business leaders across many fields. Check his glowing testimonials to see what they think, then give Jim a call. Read More…

Consulting Advisory

Consulting – Advice

A new point of view can be worth a fortune. Many times in board meetings Jim Cathcart will sit quietly for awhile and then make an observation that completely changes the direction of the discussion. People say, “Wow, say that again! We hadn’t even considered that angle before.” Clients have retained Jim as a professional confidant and advisor, a strategic collaborator, an on-site expert advisor, a board member, speech writer, sales strategist, and management advisor. Let Jim show you how you can become more successful. Read More…

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

Powerful, Immediate & Affordable: When you want your answers right now Virtual Training is the best! Have access to Jim Cathcart’s best ideas and solutions 24/7 at the click of a button. Dozens of short video lessons have been created for this Online Academy to allow you complete access to lessons on Sales, Marketing Strategy, Public Speaking Techniques, Communication Skills, Management ideas, and great ways to Lead Meetings. Click here to explore this resource and subscribe for a full month or more of access to all the lessons. Read More…

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Bankers Life & Casualty Co.
US Bank
The Four Seasons
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Jim’s TEDx video on “How To Believe In Yourself” is at 250,000 views and counting! Here’s another recent speech (1.5 min trailer) “Teach Yourself To See Opportunities”.

Jim Cathcart at COLive! 1.5 min trailer

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